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Digital Signature and Coding App FOR BUYERS (E - Stamp)

Advantages for an Unauthenticated Approver                                 

  • FREE to use

  •  Ability to bulk code many invoices or tickets with the same coding

  • Get signed and coded invoices and tickets sent to your corporate email address

  • Desktop interface

  • You can Create Data Templates with Unique Coding

  • Add Rejection Reasons

Advantages for an Authenticated Approvers                                         

  • All the Unauthenticated Approvers Advantages Plus:             

  • A Unique Email Address for all your Suppliers to Send you Invoices and Tickets to be Approved.

  • ​​Mobile App that works offline

  • Authenticated Approvers can Create and Edit Stamp Templates

  • Custom Messages on Each Stamp

Note - The difference between an Unathenticated Approver and an Authenticated Approver is that
An Authenicated Approver has created a password for their Account. Whereas, an Unauthenticated Approver does not have an Account created.


Scenario 1- You have to print, stamp, sign, scan and email Invoices and Tickets. Save time by signing and coding from your phone/tablet or laptop.
Scenario 2-
You have 50 suppliers. Have all your Suppliers send their Invoices and Tickets to your unique assigned email account so that you can Bulk Code different Suppliers Tickets and Invoices to the same coding schema
Scenario 3-
You need to code 37 invoices with one coding scheme. Save time using our Bulk coding feature. 
Scenario 4-
You have multiple physical stamps. Save time by having multiple Digital Stamps each with their own Coding Templates.

Scenario 5-  Auto add contacts to your App account by forwarding emails from your Suppliers to your unique email address. 


System checks the email address in the database.

If the contact already exists, the invoice is assigned to the right company and contact.

If the email is not found, the system creates a default company.

Approver can edit the company name and basic info as needed.

This scenario adds an automated process for handling invoices sent by suppliers, ensuring efficient management and organization of incoming invoices.

Scenario 6- Description: Approvers can change the status of an invoice from approved to rejected.


Approvers log in to view the invoice.

They change the status from approved to rejected.

Upon status change, the supplier receives a new email notification informing them of the rejection.

The email advises the supplier to contact the approver for additional information if needed.

This scenario ensures that the invoicing process is dynamic and transparent, allowing for status changes and effective communication between the approver and the supplier.

Scenario 7- Multiple approvers are allowed to code and sign tickets or invoices. Have your Supplier email BOTH unique email addresses of the Approvers. 


When suppliers send invoices to two unique email addresses, the OR logic applies.

Similar to setting up two approvers, both approvers receive notifications to code and sign the invoice.

If one approver codes the invoice, the second approver will receive a message indicating that the invoice has been coded and signed when they access or click the link.

This scenario ensures that the invoicing process remains efficient and transparent, even when invoices are sent to multiple unique email addresses, and it allows for seamless collaboration between multiple approvers.

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