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Entering Invoice Details from Quickbooks into OpenInvoice

Updated: Feb 20

How to entery Quickbooks Invoices into OpenInvoice
0:01 / 2:02 Entering Invoice Details from Quickbooks into OpenInvoice

Energy services companies that have to enter their invoice details into OpenInvoice have the problem of doing double entry. First you have to entry your data into Quickbooks to generate an invoice and then second, you have to take all the data from the invoice and enter it into OpenInvoice.

The problem with this process is:

  • Time consuming

  • Prone to error which means some invoices get kicked back and it delays payment

  • Takes your staff away from doing jobs that are revenue generating

Enter My Invoice has created a process where we can extract data straight from a PDF of your invoice out of Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop and input it automatically into OpenInvoice.

To find out how, watch the video below:

To find our how you can automate your field ticketing process and automate your invoice entry into Cortex, OpenInvoice and other e-invoicing portals, contact Enter My Invoice at 1-800-375-0967 or

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