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Saskatchewan Accelerated Site Closure Program - Cortex Submissions

Updated: Feb 20

The Government of Saskatchewan will be handing out $400,000,000 over the next 2 and a half years to oilfield services companies to take care of cleaning up abandoned oil and gas wells.

With the influx of cash into the market, oilfield services companies will be hopefully doing more work which means that they will be invoice more often.

The invoicing process that the Government of Saskatchewan has implemented means that the oilfield services companies will invoice the oil and gas companies directly and the oil and gas companies will approve the invoices and then pass them on to the Government of Saskatchewan to be paid.

One problem that this presents is that most oil and gas companies use e-invoicing portals like Cortex, which forces oilfield service companies to take the data from their invoice and then submit it into Cortex, which is time consuming and prone to error, which causes invoice kickbacks and delays in payment.

Here is a video that shows how oilfield services companies can automate their invoicing process through Cortex which will provide instant cost savings.

To find our how you can automate your field ticketing process and automate your invoice entry into Cortex, OpenInvoice and other e-invoicing portals, contact Enter My Invoice at 1-800-375-0967 or

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