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Streamlining Oilfield Services Companies Invoicing Through Cortex Automation

I recently saw a post on EnergyNow that talks about how Oilfield Services companies are going to have to look at ways to streamline their operations in order to weather the uncertain times. You can see the article here.

It got me thinking that Oilfield Services companies may not be able to do one big change to gain efficiencies but instead it will be small incremental changes that add up to a significant cost savings. 10 changes that add 1% cost savings each means that you can gain up to a 10% cost savings overall. Very rarely will companies find one process that can have a 10% cost savings.

One example on how you can gain cost savings is automating the data entry into Cortex, which can have a big impact on your accounts receivable part of your business. Watch the video below see what kind of impact a small chance that can have on your business.

Some of the benefits you get from automating the data entry into Cortex include:

  • Faster Invoicing times - which means reduced carrying costs and better cash flow

  • Staff can focus their efforts on revenue generating tasks

  • Do more work with less people

  • Many more

To see how Enter My Invoice automates the data entry into Cortex, watch the video below:

Feel free to reach out to Enter My Invoice and we would be happy to help you explore how to free up your peoples time and we can run a ROI analysis for you.

To find our how you can automate your field ticketing process and automate your invoice entry into Cortex, OpenInvoice and other e-invoicing portals, contact Enter My Invoice at 1-800-375-0967 or

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