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At we have 1 Goal for our Software:

1. Minimize Data Entry!

Eliminate Data Entry into Cortex and Open Invoice


We can work with PDFs of Sales Invoices, AND CSV, JSON, XML files of sales invoices.

How does it work? We give you a unique email address, to email  us the Sales PDFs (or digital files), right out of your accounting software. We extract all the data and push the extracted data into Cortex and Open Invoice. We work with you to use a number of tricks to ensure that all the data that your Buyers ask for is in your Sales invoice. There is not a scenario that we have not been able to solve!

We work with any accounting software and can have you up and running in a matter of days. We are working with companies that have between 5-10,000 employees. We have also work with Quickbooks, Sage , SAP, Netsuite, Axon and almost any other accounting software on the market.

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Hybrid Field Ticket App


We have discovered that there is a challenge in the oil and gas market, where companies do not want to give up their paper ticket workflow or are using Excel sheets to document work. We have a solution to both scenarios. We have built an App to take pictures of the paper tickets, convert the image to a PDF. We also accommodate all the various ways that Tickets need to be signed, from in the field, to a remote office to in a shop. Our solution is affordable since you do not need tablets for all your staff, as it runs on employees and sub contractors mobile devices.

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