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GEP invoice Integration

Enter My Invoice as your integration partner into GEP:

Since 2017, EnterMyInvoice has been a dedicated integration partner with GEP (Chevron). We've processed numerous invoices on the GEP platform and improved our platform through three iterations. This evolution ensures flexibility in integrating with GEP, meeting our clients' changing needs.

There are multiple advantages of partnering with EnterMyInvoice as your GEP integration partner.

Eliminate double data entry

Eradicate double data entry by employing our technology to automate your invoice data into GEP. Eliminating this process will save your company time, and will allow your employees to focus on other aspects of the business.

Get paid faster

By using  EnterMyInvoice’s technology, to automate the invoices being entered  into the GEP platform, you will increase the speed of payments. This makes the payment cycle for your company faster and more efficient which improves cash flow.

Error messages are emailed to users

In the event of an error after submission, Users will receive a prompt error notification via email, alerting Users to make the necessary corrections and resubmit into the GEP platform.

Speed up cash flow

Speed up cash flow, and decrease the amount of manual invoice entries into GEP when choosing Enter My Invoice.

Reduce GEP invoice integration costs

When choosing Enter My Invoice as your partner, you are choosing a cost-effective GEP integration solution with no setup fees. As well as no set-up fees, we choose to avoid any additional charges for changes done due to current customer requirements.

one dashboard for all the invoice submittals

Our customers receive a unified dashboard for all invoice submittals that extends beyond GEP and integrates into many other e-commerce platforms. Our dashboard includes both invoice and ticket submissions and facilitates integrations not only with GEP but also with Sap Ariba, Coupa, Actian, Taulia, Jobutrax, Open Invoice, Enerpact, Cortex, and any other e-commerce portal requiring Invoice uploads.

User interface for your programmers

The programmer's user interface facilitates custom mapping for all your invoice submissions from Enter My Invoice into GEP.

Fast turnaround

Experience rapid onboarding as new Enter My Invoice customers can be set up in less than one day. Modifications to existing mappings can be efficiently created in less than four hours for the GEP integration.

How Enter My Invoice can facilitate getting your Invoice data into GEP (Chevron) through our integration.

Enter My Invoice, as an integration partner for oil and gas suppliers in North America, we integrate with GEP through various methods:

  • Extracting data from a PDF invoice.

  • Extracting data from an Excel sheet.

  • Mapping a digital version of the invoice as an XML or CSV file, compatible with most ERP software.

EnterMyInvoice extends its integration capabilities to various web-based ERP and financial systems, ensuring a digital extraction of the necessary information for your customers into the GEP platform. This comprehensive list includes:

- Quickbooks Online to GEP Integration

- Quickbooks Desktop to GEP Integration

- Xero to GEP Integration

- Business Central l to GEP Integration

- Netsuite to GEP Integration

- SAP to GEP Integration

- Riger Invoice Platform

- Compatibility with any financial software boasting an API.

What is GEP

As a top player in transforming procurement and supply chains worldwide, we assist businesses in leading the way. Using AI and digital tech, we keep them ahead in the evolving economy.


By harnessing the potential of AI, we empower businesses to operate more efficiently, gain a competitive edge, increase profits, and maximize overall business and shareholder value.


We support Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises in various industries, helping them build strong, resilient, and sustainable supply chains.

Oil and Gas Invoicing Through GEP Automation

GEP SOFTWARE, powered by AI, enhances operational efficiency, promotes collaboration, and provides better visibility and insights throughout your entire supply chain. Whether it's sourcing, payments, demand planning, or logistics and warehousing, GEP's AI-driven software solutions bring about transformative performance, creating a significant impact.


At GEP, we're reshaping the possibilities for procurement and supply chain organizations through innovative strategies and fresh thinking, all powered by AI. Serving as trusted advisors to leading global enterprises, we assist them in reaching their strategic, operational, and financial objectives.


Our managed services, infused with AI for procurement and supply chain, are crafted to address the intricate and swiftly evolving needs of today's global enterprises. Whether you seek comprehensive solutions or specific focal points, we have you covered. With GEP, you can swiftly establish and expand the capabilities necessary for efficient, adaptable, and resilient procurement and supply chain operations.

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