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E-Ticketing Platform

  • E-Ticketing Platform for LEM Tickets and Reclamation Service Companies

  • Rate Groups/Price Sheets

  • On Tickets we have Labour , Equipment Materials, 3rd Party Charges, Direct Bills

  • AFEs/POs , Jobs, Field Tickets, Invoicing

  • Roles we have include, Office Staff, Administrators, Field Staff Ticket/Invoice Approvers

  • Workflow for Tickets

  • Offline capability

  • Estimate vs Actuals Reports for AFE/PO, and Jobs

  • Direct Integration with Ecommerce Portals

  • Convert Tickets to Invoice (coming soon)

  • Labour Hours reports for Payroll

  • Equipment Hours Reports

  • Duplicate Tickets Current Day Charges for Next Day

  • % Allocation of a Days Charges to various Jobs (Duplication or More - Designed for Pipeline work with many Segments)

  • Improved Payroll Management: The platform's labour hours reports and duplicate tickets current day charges for next-day features help companies manage payroll and ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time.

  • Increased Productivity and Savings: The platform helps companies save time and increase productivity by eliminating manual, paper-based processes. The platform's ability to convert tickets to invoices and its direct integration with e-commerce portals helps companies streamline their billing process and reduce administrative overhead.

  • Overall, the Eticketing Platform can help companies in the LEM Tickets and Reclamation Service industries save time, increase productivity, improve billing accuracy, and streamline their ticketing process.

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