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Digital Signature and Coding App for Suppliers


  • This tool allows suppliers to send invoice and ticket PDFs to their Customers and have a single Interface to see what invoices and tickets have AND have not been approved. 

  • Set up Digital Stamps for your Customers

  • Set up Reminders to Approve, Sign and Code Invoices and Tickets

  • Set up Multiple Approvers 

  • Have Tablets set up in your warehouses for your Customers to Code and Sign your Orders at the front desk

  • Get access to the E-Ticketing Platform at no extra charge.


Scenario 1- Your AR Dept and Field staff have sent invoices and tickets out for approval through their own email account. Have a single interface to manage Approvals for all Users to better manage which Invoices and Tickets have not been approved.
Scenario 2- You have 30 invoices pending to be approved. Set up Automatic reminders and add up to 2 approvers to make sure your invoices get coded and signed. 
Scenario 3- You are out in the Field, and you need to upload an invoice. Take a picture using our mobile app and send the invoice to the approver within minutes. 

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