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Digital Signature and Coding App for Suppliers
(E - Stamp)


  • FREE to use

  • This tool allows suppliers to send invoice and ticket PDFs to their Customers and have a single Interface to see what invoices and tickets have AND have not been approved. 

  • Set up Digital Stamps for your Customers

  • Set up Reminders to Approve, Sign and Code Invoices and Tickets

  • Set up Multiple Approvers 

  • Have Tablets set up in your warehouses for your Customers to Code and Sign your Orders at the front desk



Scenario 1- Your AR Dept and Field staff have sent invoices and tickets out for approval through their own email account. Have a single interface to manage Approvals for all Users to better manage which Invoices and Tickets have not been approved.
Scenario 2- You have 30 invoices pending to be approved. Set up Automatic reminders and add up to 2 approvers to make sure your invoices get coded and signed. 
Scenario 3- You are out in the Field, and you need to upload an invoice. Take a picture using our mobile app and send the invoice to the approver within minutes

Step 1. Register for your Account
Step 2. Add your Buyers and Approvers (Contacts)
Step 3. Add Stamp template for Buyers

Daily Operations
Two ways that PDFs can be sent to Approvers

  • Login and upload PDF and select Approver and click on submit.

  • Email us the PDF, with the  unique email address that we give you, and we will  upload the PDF and automatically send out to the Approver for Coding and Signing

Signed PDFs of Tickets and Invoices are sent to both the User sending the PDF as well as the Approver.

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