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Oil and Gas Field Ticketing with Macro Enabled Excel Field Tickets Provided Exclusively through Enter My Invoice

Enter My Invoices, Macro-enabled Excel workbooks, allow you to automatically enter field tickets and invoices into Open Invoice, Open Ticket, SAP Ariba or your financial software system. You simply need to send us a copy of your Excel Field Ticket, we will then create a macro-enabled Excel Field ticket that looks exactly like what you are currently using but with the added capability to automatically send Excel Field Tickets and Invoices into Open Invoice, SAP Ariba and any other software.


Optimize your workflow by integrating Macro-enabled Excel ticket data into your financial software or preferred invoicing system. Excel's cost-effective nature makes it an ideal tool for organizing and formatting ticket information according to your and your customer's requirements. 

Utilize OneDrive or SharePoint for seamless Excel file management, ensuring accessibility and offline workflow capabilities. Implement a standardized naming convention, which is built into the macro-enabled Excel workbooks, to automate the organization and retrieval of Excel field tickets.


Optimize your workflow by integrating Excel tickets with our digital signature solution, facilitating electronic approvals. Create dynamic rate sheets in Excel for easy pricing management and invoicing accuracy.


Capture custom job form data in Excel for analysis in our business intelligence and reporting platform, enabling informed decision-making. Streamline processes and minimize errors by entering data once and automating invoice and ticket data transferred to other systems.


Excel's offline capabilities make it perfect for collecting data on the oil fields, which can then be converted into invoices for submission to an e-commerce portal such as OpenInvoice and SAP Ariba. This speeds up processes, reducing manual data entry and ensuring payments are received quickly and efficiently.


These enhancements lead to significant time savings and improved financial performance, including a reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). By leveraging Excel integration, businesses can drive operational efficiency.

Macro Enabled Excel Sheet

How you can use Excel to Facilitate Efficient Workflows for Oil and Gas Suppliers (1).png

Invoice Approval and Submission Workflow

Ticket Approval and Submission Workflow

How you can use Excel to Facilitate Efficient Workflows for Oil and Gas Suppliers (2).png
How you can use Excel to Facilitate Efficient Workflows for Oil and Gas Suppliers (3).png

Advantages for Supplier

  1. Single pane of glass to see all Tickets/Invoices out for Approval

  2. Convert paper or excel based tickets for electronic approval, which makes it easier for Approvers to sign and code (save time on DSO)

  3. No more data entry into QBO for Tickets (exception is paper tickets)

  4. No more data entry into e-commerce portals

  5. Enter the same data only once, not 2-3 times

  6. Significant internal time savings

  7. Decrease DSO

Financial Software Integrations

  1. Quickbooks Online

  2. Quickbooks Desktop

  3. Xero

  4. Netsuite 

  5. Microsoft Dynamics 

  6. Intacct

  7. Accumatica

  8. Deltek 

  9. Any Financial software with an API

E-Ticketing Software Integrations

  1. Riger

  2. Aimsio

  3. Spira (coming soon)

  4. Excel

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