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  • Price Lists tied to Purchase Order

  • Price List Descriptions tied to Internal Descriptions

  • Different Price rates that can be used for different customers 

  • Jobs tied to Purchase Order

Field Tickets tied to Jobs

  • Different Status of Tickets : Unassigned, Assigned, Completed, Verified, Approved

  • Tickets – Sub Sections of : Labour, Equipment, Materials, 3rd Party charges with support for pictures of 3rd party invoices in the field

  • Multiple signatures both in the field and by remote approving staff,  both internal and external

  • Different Views in Software tied to Roles (ie: Field Supervisor does not see customer prices, Applicants only see their own data)

Human Resources Module

  • All Applicants have their own login to update Certificates and other required documentation

  • Accept Applicants from your website

  • Easily convert Applicants to Staff

User Interface for:

  • Certificates with expiry dates

  • Employee Reviews

  • Internal labour rates for different positions

  • Easily search Applicants for any variety of criteria

  • Reporting – Report and Search on any piece of data in the software

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