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Cortex Integration 

Enter my invoice as your integration tool into cortex

EnterMyInvoice has proudly been a Cortex integration partner since 2017. Over this period we have processed tens of thousands of invoices into the Cortex platform. We are currently on the third revision of our platform to ensure an easy and flexible solution when submitting your invoices into Cortex. So we can adapt to the dynamic needs of our clients.

When partnering with EnterMyInvoice, we help automate your company’s invoices and provide a simple automation process through our integration with Cortex

Some of the advantages are:

Eliminate double data entry

Eradicate double data entry with EnterMyInvoice's seamless integration into Cortex. This translates to significant savings in internal labor costs for data entry tasks, allowing your staff to focus on more necessary job activities.

Get paid faster

Leverage our technology to speed up payments by automating the transfer of invoice data into the Cortex platform through EnterMyInvoice, facilitating a faster and more streamlined payment cycle.

Minimize manual data entry errors

Reduce manual data entry errors by using EnterMyInvoice’s automation technology to transfer invoice data into Cortex. Accelerate cash flow as manual data entry delays become a concern of the past, due to our seamless integration into Cortex.

Error messages are emailed to users

In the rare occurrence of an error, you will receive notifications via email, prompting users to make necessary corrections and resubmit the data into the Cortex platform.


EnterMyInvoice takes pride in offering a cost-effective integration solution, waiving setup fees for new customers and no additional charges for alterations due to existing customer requirements.


Gain access to a unified dashboard that centralizes all Invoice submissions, extending beyond Cortex to encompass various e-commerce portals. Our clients enjoy a single dashboard for both Invoice and Ticket submissions, facilitating seamless integration not only with Cortex but also with Sap Ariba, Coupa, Actian, Taulia, Jobutrax, Open Invoice, Enerpact, GEP, and any other e-commerce portal requiring Invoice uploads.

User interface for your own programmers

Facilitate easy mapping for you through the seamless integration between Enter My Invoice and Cortex.

Fast turnaround

Experience rapid onboarding, as new Enter My Invoice customers can be set up in less than a day. Modifications to existing mappings are efficiently executed in less than four hours for the Cortex Integration.

How EnterMyINVOICE can facilitate getting your INVOICE data into CORTEX through our integration.

EnterMyInvoice extends its integration capabilities to various web-based ERP and financial systems, ensuring a digital extraction of necessary information for your customers into the Cortex platform. This comprehensive list includes:


- Quickbooks Online to Cortex Integration

- Quickbooks Desktop to Cortex Integration

- Xero to Cortex Integration

- Business Central l to Cortex Integration

- Netsuite to Cortex Integration

- SAP to Cortex Integration

- Riger Invoice Platform

- Compatibility with any financial software boasting an API.

Experience the next level of integration efficiency with EnterMyInvoice, where innovation meets reliability for seamless integration into the Cortex ecosystem.


Efficiently optimize the payment workflow in the oil and gas sector with Cortex®. This dynamic cloud-based platform not only accelerates accounts payable and invoice processes but also improves transparency in spending and strengthens cost control measures. Seamlessly integrated with the industry's largest vendor network, Cortex®

Oil and Gas Invoicing Through Cortex Automation

Cortex, tailored with industry-specific features, empowers oil and gas companies to alleviate their accounts payable workload. By automating repetitive manual tasks such as invoice compliance and three-way matching, and providing tools for supplier collaboration and invoice tracking. Cortex  liberates accounts payable teams from unnecessary administrative burdens.


Experience streamlined accounts payable processing and approvals, expedited vendor collaboration and payments, and enhanced spend visibility through the advanced capabilities of Cortex  invoice automation software.

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