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Jobutrax Invoice Integration

Enter My Invoice as your integration partner into jobutrax:

When partnering with EnterMyInvoice, we help automate your company’s invoices and provide a simple automation process through our integration with Jobutrax. Some of the advantages are:

Eliminate double data entry

When choosing to use Jobutrax with Enter My Invoice, you can eliminate double data entry from your workflow. This not only will save your company on internal labor costs, but also lets your staff steer their efforts toward high-value tasks.

Get paid faster

When you use EnterMyInvoice to swiftly push payments by automating the transfer of invoice data into the Jobutrax platform. This will help create faster and more direct payment cycles.

Error messages are emailed to users

Reduce manual data entry errors by harnessing technology and get notified by email as soon as an error occurs.

Speed up cash flow

Speed up cash flow as manual data entry becomes a concept of the past, as a result of the  

integration of invoices from EnterMyInvoice into Jobutrax.

ReducE Jobutrax invoice integration costs

Enter My Invoice offers a cost-effective integration solution, and does not charge setup fees for new customers or any additional charges for changes needed with existing customers.

one dashboard for all invoice submittals

Our customers receive one dashboard for all their invoice submissions, not only into Jobutrax, but also into other major e-commerce portals such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, Actian, Taulia, OpenInvoice, Cortex, Enerpact, GEP, and more.

User interface for your programmers

Facilitate easy mapping for you to tailor solutions for all customers through the seamless integration between Enter My Invoice and Jobutrax.

Fast turnaround

Experience rapid onboarding as new Enter My Invoice customers can be set up in less than a day. Additionally, modifications to existing mappings are efficiently executed in less than four hours for the Jobutrax Integration.

How Enter My Invoice can facilitate getting your Invoice data into JOBUTRAX through our integration.

Enter My Invoice takes pride in its role, as a dedicated integration partner for oil and gas suppliers, across North America. Our integration process extends to numerous e-commerce platforms, including Jobutrax. There are 3 ways in which we can collect your data:

  • Effortlessly extract data from PDF invoices for a smooth integration process.

  • Streamline the integration process by extracting data from Excel sheets with precision.

  •  Achieve integration excellence by mapping digital versions of invoices, be it in XML or CSV format, compatible with most ERP software.


Furthermore, Enter My Invoice extends its integration capabilities to various web-based ERP and financial systems, ensuring a digital extraction of the necessary information for your customers into the Jobutrax platform. This comprehensive list includes:

- Quickbooks Online to Jobutrax Integration

- Quickbooks Desktop to Jobutrax Integration

- Xero to Jobutrax Integration

- Business Central l to Jobutrax Integration

- Netsuite to Jobutrax Integration

- SAP to Jobutrax Integration

- Riger Invoice Platform

- Compatibility with any financial software boasting an API.

What is Jobutrax

Jobutrax stands at the forefront of providing cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products and services, catering to over 500 energy companies across Canada and the United States. Our diverse clientele spans from dynamic startups to major enterprises operating in various segments of the energy sector, including upstream oil & gas, midstream facilities, field services, land brokers, pipelines, utilities, mining, and renewable energy.


Driven by innovation, our cloud-hosted product suites empower finance, land, and operations teams to enhance the efficiency of their business operations. In addition, our enterprise division specializes in the development and management of large-scale web portal applications, facilitating seamless collaboration and workflow across organizations in the energy sector.

Oil and Gas Invoicing Through Jobutrax Automation

Jobutrax streamlines the process of generating field tickets, offering convenience across various devices and locations. Whether signing in online or working offline, users can effortlessly create tickets and upload them at their convenience. Over 4,700 field and office personnel have successfully utilized Jobutrax for efficient field ticket tracking.

Paper field tickets left in the truck may experience delays in reaching the office, and there's a risk they may not make it at all. By leveraging Jobutrax's digital field ticketing system, you gain real-time visibility into the status of every ticket. Moreover, you can swiftly submit tickets for invoicing on the very same day. Paper field tickets left in the truck may take a while to reach the office or might get lost. With Jobutrax digital field ticketing, you can easily track every ticket's status and even submit them for invoicing on the same day.


Avoid the hassle of entering data twice. Jobutrax automatically creates timesheets using approved ticket data and your payroll rules. By eliminating this repetitive task, both field and office staff can focus on more valuable activities.

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