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open invoice integration
enter my invoice and open invoice integration

Open Invoice Integration

OpenInvoice Integration

EnterMyInvoice has been a proud Open Invoice integration partner since 2017. Since then, we have processed hundreds of thousands of invoices into Open Invoice. We are currently on our third revision of our platform, which enables a lot of flexibility with the integration of Open Invoice.

Enter My Invoice as your integration partner into
Open Invoice:

Eliminate double data entry

with EnterMyInvoice’s integration into OpenInvoice. This will allow your organization to  save on internal labor costs, for tedious data entry work, which will allow your staff to focus on higher value activities within your Company.

Get paid faster

because you're leveraging technology to automate the data from your invoices  being pushed into the OpenInvoice platform through the EnterMyInvoice  to OpenInvoice.

Minimize manual data entry errors

Minimize manual data entry errors by using technology to automate the invoice data going into Open Invoice through the EnterMyInvoice Integration.

 Speed up cash flow, as there is no delay, caused by the manual entry of invoices into Open Invoice Integration.

Error messages are emailed to users

 Of each submission, for correction and resubmittal into the Open Invoice platform.

1) ReducE OPENINVOICE integration costs

 EnterMyInvoice  does not charge integration setup fees for setting up new customers, to transmit through the Enter My Invoice integration.

2) Reduce Open Invoice integration costs (current users.)

EnterMyInvoice does not charge integration mapping fees for alterations made due to changing customer requirements, to transmit through the Enter My Invoice integration into Open Invoice.

one dashboard for all the invoice submittals

Our customers get one dashboard for all the invoice submittals, not only into Open Invoice, but also into Sap Ariba, CoupaActianTaulia, JobutraxCortex, Enerpact, GEP and any other e-commerce portal where  invoices need to be uploaded through.

User interface for your own programmers

 to create your own mapping for all your customers through the integration between EnterMyInvoice and Open Invoice.

Fast turnaround

New EnterMyInvoice customers take less than one day to set up. Altering an existing mapping is done in less than 4 hours for the OpenInvoice Integration.

How Enter My Invoice can facilitate getting your Invoice data into OpenInvoice through our integration.

EnterMyInvoice is an integration partner for the oil and gas suppliers in North America.  We integrate into many e-commerce platforms, including Open Invoice

There are three ways in which we can integrate with Open Invoice:


  1. One is by extracting data out of a PDF invoice.

  2. By extracting data out of an Excel sheet.

  3. By mapping a digital version of the invoice either as an XML or a CSV file which can be sent out of most ERP softwares.

Enter My Invoice also integrates with most web based ERP and financial systems

 to digitally pull the required information for your customers into the OpenInvoice platform through our integration. These include:

  1. Quickbooks Online to Open Invoice Integration

  2. Quickbooks Desktop to Open Invoice Integration

  3. Xero to Open Invoice Integration

  4. Business Central to Open Invoice Integration

  5. Netsuite to Open Invoice Integration

  6. SAP to Open Invoice Integration

  7. Riger Invoice Platform 

  8. Any financial software with an API

Oil and Gas Invoicing Through OpenInvoice Automation

Join a community of over 400 E&P and midstream companies, alongside more than 35,000 active suppliers engaged in nearly $200 billion of annual transactions through the OpenInvoice platform.


Enverus OpenInvoice, tailored with industry-specific features, empowers oil and gas companies to alleviate their accounts payable workload. By automating repetitive manual tasks such as invoice compliance and three-way matching, and providing tools for supplier collaboration and invoice tracking, OpenInvoice liberates accounts payable teams from unnecessary administrative burdens.


Experience streamlined accounts payable processing and approvals, expedited vendor collaboration and payments, and enhanced spend visibility through the advanced capabilities of OpenInvoice invoice automation software.

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