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OpenTicket Integration

EnterMyInvoice can help you automate the data entry into OpenTicket which will help you; reduce data entry time, reduce the amount of kickbacks of invoices due to data error and also expedite your invoicing process so that you can get paid faster.


 Enter My Invoice as your integration partner into OpenTICKET:

Enter My Invoice has been proudly collaborating with Open Ticket since 2017, smoothly handling a variety of Tickets on their platform. Through three updates to our system, we've perfected our integration capabilities, ensuring flexibility to meet the evolving needs of our valued clients.

Eliminate double data entry

 Efficiency Boost: Say goodbye to repetitive data entry hassles. Our seamless            integration with Open Ticket minimizes the need for manual tasks, allowing your team to focus on more valuable activities.

Get paid faster

 Utilize cutting-edge technology to speed up payment processes. EnterMyInvoice automates the transfer of processed Ticket data into Open Ticket, making your financial cycle more efficient.

Minimize manual data entry errors

Error Reduction:  EnterMyInvoice Eliminate the risk of manual entry errors with advanced technology. Our robust integration framework automates the accurate transmission of Ticket data into Open Ticket integration.

Error messages are emailed to users

User-friendly error handling Receive instant error notifications via email, allowing users to make corrections and resubmit seamlessly to the Open Ticket integration.

ReducE OPENticket integration costs

EnterMyInvoice is a Cost-Effective Integration: We take pride in offering a cost-effective integration solution. No setup fees for new clients, and no extra charges for adjustments based on your evolving needs.

one dashboard for all the invoice submittals

Unified Dashboard: Access a consolidated dashboard for all invoice and Ticket submissions, not just to Open Ticket but also across various e-commerce portals. Our customers get one dashboard for all the invoice submittals, not only into Open Ticket, but also into Sap Ariba, CoupaActianTaulia, JobutraxCortex, Enerpact, GEP and any other e-commerce portal where  invoices need to be uploaded through.

User interface for your own programmers

Developer-Friendly Interface: Simplify mapping for your programming team through our seamless integration with EnterMyInvoice and Open Ticket.

Fast turnaround

 Experience quick onboarding for new clients and swift adjustments to existing mappings for Open Ticket Integration.

How Enter My Invoice can facilitate getting your Invoice data into Openticket through our integration.

EnterMyInvoice stands out as a leading integration partner for oil and gas suppliers in North America, extending our expertise to various e-commerce platforms, including Open Ticket. Explore how we seamlessly merge with Open Ticket:


  1. Quickbooks Online to Open Ticket Integration

  2. Quickbooks Desktop to Open Ticket Integration

  3. Xero to Open Ticket Integration

  4. Business Central to Open Ticket Integration

  5. Netsuite to Open Ticket Integration

  6. SAP to Open Ticket Integration

  7. Riger ETicketing Platform 

  8. Any financial software with an API


Our integration expertise extends to web-based ERP and financial systems, ensuring a digital extraction of crucial information into the Open Ticket platform. This includes integration with Quickbooks, Xero, Business Central, Netsuite, SAP, Riger ETicketing Platform, and compatibility with any financial software with API support.


Embark on an efficiency journey with EnterMyInvoice, where innovative solutions meet unwavering reliability for seamless integration into the Open Ticket ecosystem.

What is open Ticket

Facilitate seamless management of oil and gas field operations through the innovative OpenTicket® field ticket software by Enverus. Streamline the generation, review, and approval of digital field tickets to enhance project spend visibility. Experience the benefits of automated field ticket validation, reconciliation, and compliance workflows, resulting in expedited and precise ticket approvals and invoice processing. Elevate your efficiency and accuracy in oil and gas field management with OpenTicket®, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize operational processes.

About Open Ticket

Digitalize and Automate Your Oil and Gas Field Ticketing Processes. Whether you work in accounts payable,D&C operations or LOE operations, Enverus OpenTicket makes it easy to streamline oilfield ticketing and processing, access faster, more accurate accrual information and reduce headaches like lost tickets, delayed approvals, error prone manual entry and “paper pushing”. And with the OpenTicket Mobile application, field supervisors can validate unsupervised field work with mobile GPS and geo-fence tracking capabilities.

OpenTicket integrates seamlessly with Enverus OpenInvoice®, making it the only oil and gas field ticketing and invoicing platform with automated reconciliation and compliance for a completely digital review and approval process.

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