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How Oilfield Service Companies Can Get Their Money Working Faster

Times are tough in the oil and gas industry. This is bound to have an impact on oilfield services companies.

Oilfield services companies are going to have to look at ways to make themselves more efficient and get the accounts receivables in the door quicker.

In this video, Enter My Invoice shows the impact of using a factoring company to get paid faster compared to just submitting an invoice and waiting for weeks to get paid.

In fact in the scenario in the video, we show how factoring can help you gain almost 15 X's more revenue than just waiting for an oil and gas company to pay you.

To find our how you can automate your field ticketing process and automate your invoice entry into Cortex, OpenInvoice and other e-invoicing portals, contact Enter My Invoice at 1-800-375-0967 or

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