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SAP Ariba Invoice Integration

EnterMyInvoice has been a proud integration partner with SAP Ariba since 2022. Over the past few years, we've successfully processed thousands of invoices into the SAP Ariba platform. Our platform is now in its third revision and offers unique flexibility for seamless integration with SAP Ariba.

Using EnterMyInvoice as your integration platform for SAP ARIBA brings many advantages

Eliminate double data entry

When using Enter My Invoice’s integration into SAP Ariba, you save time and money on internal labor costs, by eliminating double data entries. This allows your staff to focus on higher-value activities within your company.

Get paid faster

With our payment processing technology, you can automate the transfer of invoice data from your system through EnterMyInvoice into SAP Ariba, thus getting paid sooner.

Minimize manual data entry errors

When using our EnterMyInvoice to SAP Ariba integration platform, you minimize manual data entry errors by utilizing our technology to automate all your invoices.

Error messages are emailed to users

In the rare case of an error, you will receive a prompt error message via email for submission corrections and resubmittal into the Sap Ariba platform.

Reduce Sap Ariba integration costs

When choosing Enter My Invoice as your SAP Ariba integration partner, we do not charge setup fees for new customers.

Reduce further Sap Ariba integration costs

To further reduce costs, Enter My Invoice does not charge mapping fees for adjustments made caused by changing customer requirements when partnering with our SAP Ariba integration.


Enter My Invoice does not only integrate into SAP Ariba, but also into many other platforms such as Coupa, Actian, Taulia, Jobutrax, Cortex, GEP, and any other e-commerce portal in which invoices need to be uploaded.



Enter My Invoice also offers a unique user interface for your programmers to help them create custom mapping for all your customers through the integration between Enter My Invoice and SAP Ariba. To maximize your time, we help our new customers get set up in less than one day, and any alterations made to the existing mappings in our SAP Ariba Integration are completed in less than 4 hours.

User interface for your own programmers

Facilitating Invoice Data Integration with SAP Ariba

When choosing Enter My Invoice as your integration partner, we make the invoice integration process easy, which is why we provide the various methods of extracting your invoice data:


1. Extracting data from a PDF invoice.

2. Extracting data from an Excel sheet.

3. Mapping a digital version of the invoice as an XML or CSV file, compatible with most ERP software.


Enter My Invoice also integrates with almost all web-based ERP and financial systems, to digitally extract the required information into the Sap Ariba platform.

These include:

  1. Quickbooks Online to Sap Ariba Integration

  2. Quickbooks Desktop to  Sap Ariba Integration

  3. Xero to  Sap Ariba Integration

  4. Business Central to  Sap Ariba Integration

  5. Netsuite to  Sap Ariba Integration

  6. SAP to  Sap Ariba Integration

  7. Riger Invoice Platform 

  8. Any financial software with an API

What is Sap Ariba

Optimize and expedite the oil and gas payment workflow, enhance transparency in spending and cost control, and fortify vendor connections using Sap Ariba®. This robust cloud-based platform seamlessly automates accounts payable and invoice processes, linked to the industry's most extensive vendor network.

Oil and Gas Invoicing Through Sap Ariba Automation

SAP Ariba solutions seamlessly integrate with various other SAP procurement solutions. This integration offers a comprehensive set of tools, services, and expertise designed to minimize financial and operational disruptions. The goal is to effectively address workforce and customer requirements while simultaneously reducing supplier risk and mitigating market uncertainty. Through this unified approach, SAP Ariba enhances the overall procurement ecosystem, fostering resilience and adaptability in the face of dynamic business challenges.


Since 2022, EnterMyInvoice has proudly partnered with SAP Ariba, revolutionizing invoice automation into SAP with unmatched efficiency. Our state-of-the-art, third-revision platform has successfully processed thousands of invoices, eradicating double data entry and slashing labor costs through advanced invoice automation into SAP. By minimizing manual entry errors, we empower your team to focus on strategic, high-value tasks.


Experience the speed and precision of invoice automation into SAP with EnterMyInvoice. Our advanced technology accelerates payment cycles, boosting your cash flow and financial agility. We stand out by eliminating setup and mapping fees, making your transition to invoice automation into SAP not just seamless, but also cost-effective.


EnterMyInvoice offers a sophisticated, user-friendly dashboard and custom mapping interface, ensuring flawless integration with SAP Ariba and other leading platforms like Coupa and Actian. Our quick setup process, paired with versatile data extraction methods—from PDFs and Excel sheets to XML and CSV files—ensures that your invoice automation into SAP is tailored to meet your specific business needs.


Choose EnterMyInvoice and transform the way you handle invoices. With us, invoice automation into SAP is not just an upgrade; it's a game-changer. Experience the benefits of seamless invoice automation into SAP today.

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