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Hybrid Field Ticket App

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Our Hybrid Field Ticket App has these main components:

  1. Human Resources – Capture Applicant information off of your website, including resumes, certifications, drivers license, insurance and relevant expiry dates. Allow Applicants or Staff to update their own data and certifications.

  2. Rate Sheets – Enter Rate Sheets that are tied to Purchase Orders to ensure all billing and coding is done properly.

  3. Tickets/Jobs/Purchase Orders – Tickets are tied to Jobs which are Tied to Purchase Orders. All data related to the Purchase Order trickles down to the Ticket.

  4. Paper or Electronic – Go all electronic or keep your paper tickets and use our system to manage all your Tickets.

  5. Electronic signatures on tablet or mobile device.

  6. Digital Coding – Digital capture, of coding of Tickets, of Approver, to eliminate duplicate data entry and errors.

  7. Rate Sheet Enforcement – Allocation of only certain equipment, labour types and materials by Purchase Order.

  8. Accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. Real time information for everyone involved in managing Tickets.

  9. Integration to Open Invoice/Cortex – Digitally submit Tickets to Open Invoice and Cortex. No more manual data entry.

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